The 'Brewquet'

It's just like a bouquet of flowers but with beer (or cider). 

Rustic Wonderer
Rustic Wonderer
Rustic Wonderer
Rustic Wonderer
Rustic Wonderer
Rustic Wonderer
Rustic Wonderer
Rustic Wonderer
Rustic Wonderer

Rustic Wonderer

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Stripped back with a bare oak timber patterned stand and Kraft coloured flowers this will make any nature lover frolic through the woods with youthful exuberance. To unite it all together we have included earthy taupe brown wrapping paper and a deep charcoal ribbon. 

PS The beers are not included so get 'crafty' and pick out your beer lovers favourite brew - it will guarantee they will love the gift!

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Display Stand (1 unit)
The display stand is shipped as a flat pack and requires assembly but don't worry it is super easy and quick! Check out the 'How To' page for instructions.
  • Flat Pack: 345mm x 200mm x 20mm
  • Assembled: 345mm x 250mm x 250mm
  • Manufactured from laminated E-Flute cardboard
Flowers (12 units)
  • Packed in a cellophane bag containing 12 die cut paper flowers. 
Wrapping (4 units)
  • 700mm x 500mm
Ribbon (1 unit)
  • 25mm x 1000mm
Brewquet Versions:
  • Full Bloom contains: Display stand, flowers, wrapping and ribbon
  • Trimmed contains: Display stand, wrapping and ribbon
  • Stripped contains: Display stand and flowers
  • Nude contains: Display stand only
*Beer or beer bottles pictured are not included, Soz!* 

What are my options?

Some people like the bells and whistles and others prefer to keep it simple. We get that!

Full Bloom $29.99

Dressed up and looking spectacular. If you saw it from across the bar you would definitely give it a 9/10. Go full bloom! 

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Trimmed $24.99

Clearly the beers are the hero of the Brewquet. So if you prefer not to have the flowers, this is the option for you. No buds allowed.

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Stripped $24.99

Prefer to see what's under the covers and not have wrapping? That's cool, strip it back!

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Nude $14.99

Just want the stand? No worries, keep it simple and get the Brewquet in it's birthday suit. Nude. 

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Two simple steps...

Step 1. Purchase a Brewquet

Step 2. Purchase 11 bottles of beer/cider 

TIP: If you purchase two 6 packs there will be one beer left over.

After all, you deserve it! 

How does it work?

We don't like to over complicate things. We keep it nice and easy, just like Velcro laces. 

1. Stand

Holds 11 cold beers in the shape of a bouquet and is super easy to assemble. We have also made room to write a special message to the beer lover. That will save you buying a $5 card. Winning!

2. Flowers

Make the brewquet really take shape and add some flare by including flowers. There are different designs and colours to choose from to make it a really unique gift. Brilliant. 

3. Wrapping

Turn it up a notch and make things look extra spectacular by adding wrapping to the Brewquet.

Problem Solved, Finally!

Some people are just incredibly hard to buy a present for, right?

Especially guys!

Beer is a guaranteed winner. After all, what guy (or girl) doesn't like beer?

But gifting beers in a brown hessian bag just doesn't cut the mustard. 

It needs to be more creative, unique and something Instagram worthy. 

Something exactly like the Brewquet.