Say Thank You This Year

Say Thank You This Year

2020 has been a pretty tough year all round, but there are some people out there who have helped our children particularly overcome what have been some pretty significant changes. We’re talking about the teachers, the sports coaches, the early educators, tutors, babysitters and even family who’ve stepped up and helped out when we needed it the most.

It’s getting to the pointy end of the year where it’s time to start thinking those end-of-year thank you gifts. If you’ve spent years buying candles, chocolates, and coffee mugs, why not think outside the square this time with a gift that is a bit more personalised.

Organising personalised gifts can be a bit tricky – we all know the teacher who ends up with 20 drink bottles with her name on it, or the soccer coach or has a range of hats with his name and the team name. But what if you could find a gift that is still personalised, but a little unique?

Have you ever considered giving a bouquet of beer or wine? Or for the non-drinker, soft drinker or even kombucha? The Brewquet is the perfect thank you gift, customised to the tastes of the receiver.

So how does the Brewquet work? Simply put – choose a range of beverages, and then decide how you’ll top your Brewquet – flowers, snacks, even more beverages. You can start to see how the Brewquet is completely customisable to suit the recipient.

Let’s take a look at some great options to say thank you this year.

The Teacher

Without a doubt, your child’s teacher has received plenty of coffee mugs and candles over the year. So how to style a Brewquet for a teacher or educator?

If you know they drink, you can add a range of beers, spirits or wine piccolos and then top with either some snacks, flowers or even a mini cheese platter.

For those who don’t drink, or you prefer not to give alcohol, why not try a range of up market soft drinks like Capi or Summer Snow, and some delicious treats.

The Sports Coach

For your child’s sports coach, this year give them a healthy end to the year with a health conscious Brewquet. Skip the alcohol, add in a couple of bottles of kombucha or a sugar free drink, and then top with flowers, a small fruit selection or some healthy snacks.

Most coaches follow a particular team within the sport that they coach – if you know who this is, you could get together with a few parents and slip in a member support pack or a couple of tickets to a game.

Those Who’ve Stepped Up

2020 has been hard, particularly for parents who’ve had to completely turn everything upside down and start working from home as well as ensuring their children are checking into their classes online every day. There have been plenty of family members, friends and babysitters who’ve stepped up to help out that you may like to say thank you to.

When you know the recipient a little more, you can really personalise their Brewquet – red wine, sparkling wine, craft beers, spirits, flowers, chocolates, sweets, and savoury items are all great options to fill your Brewquet with.

If you have someone to say thank you to this year, do it a little differently, with a Brewquet.